A history of Areola – Artist and Specialist Hernán Sutty

A history of Areola Artist and Specialist Hernán Sutty Belgium, Brussels From covering mastectomy scars to reconstructing realistic nipples and areolas, Hernán Sutty says that the career of a tattoo artist involves more than drawing dragons and flowers. It was the visit of a woman to his studio in Patagonia Argentina who had undergone a […]

Soy porque Somos – Entrevista a Mónica Weissel

Por Yanet Medina*La espero en un cafetín de Bruselas. El solecito torpe de la primavera belga lo baña todo. Aguardo…y voy dibujando una rayuela imaginaria donde, a saltos, encuentro sus huellas en el largo camino hacia la igualdad de género. ¿Cómo le hablo a una mujer que ha traído la luz a tantas? Mónica Weissel […]

Political Transnationalism from Belgium: Social Movements Organized by Mexican Activists.

Larisa Viridiana Lara-GuerreroInstitute Convergences Migrations University of Liege. larisavlara@gmail.com Article published by MOVIMIENTOS. Mexican Journal of Studies of Social Movements,Vol. 3, No. 1, January-June 2019 Abstract This essay aims at deepening the study of political transnationalism. In particular, this article analyses the implications and role of women in the formation, structure and dissemination of extraterritorial […]


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