Brussels 22 June  2019.


Watching and chatting with Marcia Scantlenbury  journalist and  Director of the Museum of  Toleracia  and Human Rights in Chile.

Welcome by Noemi Candelora  Managing  Director of the WS, Roxana Alvarado of the Women’s Collective and Tamara Cruz of ALWAYS

Participants: Ursula  Jaramillo (Groen), Cecilia Torres (Ecolo), MaryNagy (Défi)

Moderan: Monica  Weissel  (OMLA) and  Thamara Cruz (Always)

Context of Migration:

The migrant women of Latin diasporas who live in Europe in family reunification,  generation  political exiles,  by temporary employment, study stay.

Representation: right and tolerance in the context of migration

Citizenship since migration: Paricipation of  Latina Women for a decent life with respect for human rights.


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