Dear Candidates:

Women migrants from Latin diasporas who currently reside in Belgium, by family reunification, because they are descendants of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation, for exercising a fixed job, temporary employment, studying or as a refugee. a, we want to make the following request spread. Since we are confident of being spokespersons and representatives of The Latin diasporas: of those who work in the cleanliness, in the care of the elderly, of children, babies or enfemos, of the students and academics, of the Scientifics and artists that we have our feet in Belgium.

Civil, political and cultural inclusion and representation can no longer be a support for structures that add to discrimanation, inequality and racial stigmatization for generations, we join as executors of thought and change.

Our knowledge cannot continue to be subordinated so that our stay is in exchange for underemployment. We share the following demands:

These demands are made on the basis of testimonies, requests and feedback of cases in the community and derved from the inteaction with the Latin diasporas.

We wish you success!


Illustration by Nagú


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