March 8 and 9, 2020

I’m leaving with the march International women’s day for a decent life without borders

Recital of Latin American women Utopia library

Lezing Latijns-Amerikaanse vrouwen Utopia  PROGRAMMA/PROGRAMA 14u00 Palabras de bienvenida 14u10 Palabras presentación SIEMPRE vzw 14u20 Lectura de textos I 1-Claudia velez 2-Linda Janes Moya 3-Maria Clara 4-Martha Ortiz (video) 5-Carolina Ruales (video) 6-Melier Sofía Cortés 15u00 Intervención músical 15u20 Lectura textos II 7-Mariana Lara 8-Marina Granados 9-Matilde Cuevas 10-Alejandra Lerma (video) 11-Diana Lobo (video) 12-Rosa […]

Home Concierto – Familia Capilla

🎵🎶 TheCapilla-García Family of Musicians (Mexico) invite to their autumn concert this Friday, September 20 in Brussels, they will present a repertoire of: Kreisler,  Massenet,Vivaldi,  Shostakovitch,Bach,  Ysaye,Paganini,  Flolov,Tangos:  C.Gardel,C. Segal,  A.Piazzolla.. 👉🏽👂🎻🎻🎻🎻  do you know them? !! then this is the opportunity!! Come and get to know the talent and share this musical occasion to […]

The Feminist Experience in the CDMX

Las del aquelarre feministaPG2.jpg Those of the Collective Feminist Coven Home: February 2016. We are feminists of various disciplines, but all human rights defenders. We were born with the idea of building ideas, making alliances, spreading media topics that cross all women, positioning the feminist agenda that by nature is an agenda of the human […]

Watching and Talking to Marcia Scantlenbury

Brussels 22 June  2019. Women-Migration-Resilience Watching and chatting with Marcia Scantlenbury  journalist and  Director of the Museum of  Toleracia  and Human Rights in Chile. Welcome by Noemi Candelora  Managing  Director of the WS, Roxana Alvarado of the Women’s Collective and Tamara Cruz of ALWAYS Participants: Ursula  Jaramillo (Groen), Cecilia Torres (Ecolo), MaryNagy (Défi) Moderan: Monica  […]

Latina Women Candidates for Regional, Federal elections. Brussels 2019

Latina Women Candidates for the Régional and  Federal Elections. Brussels2019. 9 candidates convened Julia Violeta Erazo – PS Brussels (Peru) Candidate for the Brussels Capital Region list – Ecolo Leticia Sere- Groen Brussels (Uruguay) Regional Groen List Candidate Marie Nagy- Défi  Brussels (Colombia) Regional List Candidate – DéFi Giulina Chirinos Saavedra- Groen  Deurne  (Peru) Candidate […]


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