Protocol for Assistance to Migrant Women

The “Protocol for Assistance to Migrant Women” has been elaborated by the NGO SIEMPRE, to provide support and assistance to all migrant women who find themselves living with violence. This document strives to raise awareness and prevent all forms of gender-based violence, amplifying the voices and experiences of migrant women. We apply an intersectional lens […]

Redes en diálogos por la Paz

Encuentro entre Redes internacionales de Mujeres Migrantes Latinoamericanas y del Caribe. España y Bélgica Viernes 03 de junio 17h30 en EL BUEN VIVIR 23 Ferdinand Cocq, 1050 Ixelles.


On October 20th, a manifestation in front of Rechtbank Leuven[1] was called in order to support a Venezuelan woman and mother whose five children had been displaced under a refugee status. She demanded the retrieval of the right to visit her children, as well as to be able to practice her guardianship, a condition which […]


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