8M2019, The Uncomfortable Communiqué, Called to Consciousness

OUR Movement Gathered under the same paths, we are living among obstacles and in a constant search for solutions, a struggle becomes many and they have united us to build a future, not to be lost, for which we want and for a dignified daily life. Conscience and questioning have united us in sharing and […]

Speech expressed in the presentation of the Manifesto

Migration and Networking In the analysis of cases of migrant women from Latin America, the main causes are grouped by: family reunification, by economy, by study. 14% of immigrants to the European Union (Eurostat2014) come from North and South America, making us a smaller population compared to Africa and Euroasia.. This “invisible minority” is underrepresented, […]


Latina´s Women in Belgium launch manifesto calling for an inclusive social participation.  By Yanet Medina Navarro* (Brussels, 12 November 2018) The nonprofit organization Siemprewill be launching its manifesto this Tuesday, November 13th, in the Brussels headquarters of the European Network Against Racism(ENAR) as a call for the empowerment and inclusive participation of the female Latina´s […]


http://www.mitramiss.gob.es/es/mundo/Revista/Revista150/120.pdf por Gabriela Sepúlveda Practicante de Investigación legal e Integración Social

2do. Debate – conversatorio a Propósito de Mujeres Migrantes en constante movimiento

2do. Debate – conversatorio a Propósito de Mujeres Migrantes en constante movimiento. ¿Cómo garantizas la participación para que tu organización sea eficiente y activa? Cuál fue la postura de Afroféminas respecto al 8 de Marzo, cuáles han sido las reacciones, cómo evalua hasta hoy la iniciativa de emprender un movimiento con respecto a su identidad […]

Debate: mujeres migrantes y feminicidios en Bélgica

Questions debat- Preguntas debate  (Ana Valenzuela, 11.02.2018) C’est quoi la violence machiste ?Pourqoui le terme violence conjogale? Qué es la violencia machista que no la violencia conyugal o doméstica ? C’est quoi la convention d’Istambul et comment nous impacte aux femmes migrantes en BELGIQUE et en Europe. Qué es la convencion de estambul y como impacta sobre […]


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