At SIEMPRE we work as a unified network, using the medium of our voices to make ourselves visible as migrants and as bearers of bio-aesthetic and cultural diversity. We weave a collective fabric of alliances with sisters from diverse experiential backgrounds to provide a platform for their knowledge and empower their participation.

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Siempre launches its manifesto among intellectuals and activists in Belgium.

* Yanet Medina The nonprofit organization Siempre launched its manifesto this Tuesday, November 13th, in the headquarters of the European Network Against Racism(ENAR), in Brussels, with the participation of prominent figures of the Belgian academic and socio-political landscape. Siempre is devoted to creating connections among Latin American and Caribbean women settled in Europe. It pleads for building

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Latina´s Women in Belgium launch manifesto calling for an inclusive social participation.  By Yanet Medina Navarro* (Brussels, 12 November 2018) The nonprofit organization Siemprewill be launching its manifesto this Tuesday, November 13th, in the Brussels headquarters of the European Network Against Racism(ENAR) as a call for the empowerment and inclusive participation of the female Latina´s

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Considérations légales par rapport les violences faites aux femmes dans la Belgique

• Définitions importantes : Les violences conjugales sont définies selon l’OMS comme “tout acte de violence au sein d’une relation intime qui cause un préjudice ou des souffrances physiques, psychologiques ou sexuelles aux personnes qui en font partie” (Rapport Mondial sur la violence et la santé, 2002, p.112-115). Toujours selon l’OMS, il s’agit ici d’un

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